The 90-Day Plan can be used as a Juicing Program.

One of the most important things to maintain healthy skin, hair, nails and completion is that you consume the correct nutrition and to refrain from foods which are causing underlying cell stress. Among other things, we also need to regularly ‘top up’ with the correct amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. These substances help the body to get into balance, which paves the way to optimizing healthy cells in your skin, hair and nails. In other words, your skin, hair and nails, require regular nutritional support. The bio availability of many of these important nutrients’ is controlled by your stomachs own ‘gut flora’.

Our skin must keep a certain pH level, in order to defend itself by using healthy bacteria, which live on the skin. Poor nutritional food choices may affect the skin's pH level, which may also cause a lower immunity.


Your skin is an amazing organ and is the body's largest organ, which weighs up to approximately . 3 - 5 kg and fills approx. 1.5 - 2 m2. Pr. cm2 the skin contains about 600.000 cells, 5.000 receptor cells, 100 sweat glands, 15 sebaceous glands, 1 meter of blood vessels, 4 meters of nerve cells and 150.000 pigment cells. During our bodies aging process we lose more than 30,000 skin cells per minute. Therefore it is important to consume the correct nutrients’ to replenish the dead cells from within. The foods you are eating may be aging you quicker than you think ! Therefore making the correct food choices combined with a good life style and diet, can balance cellular degradation and hormone deficiencies, which can positively influence the condition of the skin.

Our skin is exposed daily to modern day pollution as well as to environmental impacts, in particular to our facial skin. In addition, the capillaries (small blood vessels) on the face are nearer the surface of the skin on our faces, unlike elsewhere on the body.

As these facial skin capillaries are used to effectively transport waste from just below the surface of the skin, many people express skin problems, on their face.

Our body uses the skin and hair to deposit unwanted toxins, especially when other natural excretion methods are challenged or are blocked. Digestive stresses, air pollution and even smoking cause the body to direct the waste or air pollution, which can’t escape through the airways, out through your skin.

A correctly functioning immune system will always make sure that your body is not overloaded with waste products, this can also lead eventually to imbalances. Therefore, your system tries to get as many waste materials out of your body as possible, no matter what "road" they come from. Since the skin is filled with holes and can be penetrated both from the outside and from the inside, it is an easy way out, for unwanted substances.

As the cells of the hair and nails, also are made up form what you eat, the state of both, will connect to your daily lifestyle choices.

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None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. It is intended to provide nutritional food information. The digital process uses We use In-Vivo rather than In-Vitro technology and therefore does not provide reproducible indicators as it reflects the constant changing epigenetic environment at the quantum biological level. For this reason, nutritional food optimization should only be considered every 90 days. it is NOT recommended that a new Optimized report be created within this period.